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Nor Shore Inc.


imageOur Commitment to Health and Safety

At Nor Shore Inc., we are committed to protecting the personal health, safety and well-being of each employee. All employees, managers and contractors are trained to work safely, and must be in compliance with Nor Shore Inc.'s health and safety standards, based on industry best practices. Compliance with these rules is a condition of employment.

Our safety program requires cooperation between all employees, managers and contractors. Through a cooperative effort, safety performance can be maintained and improved upon.




Program Components

Our safety program components include:

  1. Inspection of site to identify and control unsafe working conditions and health hazards, as it relates to the requirements of each job;
  2. Employee training in health and safety practices;
  3. Provision of personal protective equipment and instructions for its use;
  4. Effective health and safety policies that must be fully understood as a condition of employment;
  5. Prompt and full investigation of any accident to determine cause and devise ways to avoid this type of accident in the future;
  6. Knowledge that most accidents are preventable;
  7. Provision of mechanical and physical safeguards;
  8. Safety is job one, and is never compromised; and
  9. Only a joint effort between the entire team can improve safety performance.
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