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Nor Shore Inc.

Ready Mixed Concrete

Nor Shore Inc. is Northwestern Ontario's choice for ready mixed concrete. We have an extensive inventory of mix designs, and can provide residential, commercial and industrial high-spec mixes to meet your most challenging project requirements. We can provide any type of concrete, including:

  • house foundations
  • sidewalks
  • curbs
  • basement floors
  • insulated concrete forms (ICF)
  • low shrinkage concrete
  • grout
  • precast topping concrete
  • and many more...


Quality Assurance

At Nor Shore Inc., we continue to introduce new equipment and technologies to remain at the cutting edge of the concrete industry. Our quality control measures ensure that you receive only the highest caliber and most economical mixes available.

From reviewing specifications to mix designing and proportioning, our goal is to supply you with the best load to load quality and dependable service. Our highly qualified personnel are fully trained, reliable and experienced to provide you with the expertise to meet your technical needs.


Quick Tips for a Successful Project

  1. Use only the highest quality raw materials. We cannot emphasize this enough. There is nothing worse than concrete that cracks or crumbles shortly after it has cured.
  2. Make sure to order the right type of concrete for your application. Our trained professionals can assist in selecting the best concrete for your project.
  3. Confirm that the subgrade has been properly prepared and compacted.
  4. It is important to make sure the area has been properly drained and sloped to avoid a build-up of water.
  5. Ensure proper placement and finishing practices for a smooth and professional job.
  6. Always follow proper curing practices.
  7. Protect the concrete.


Contact Us for More Information

If you have an upcoming project, feel free to contact us for a quote.

View our most recent commercial and industrial projects to understand the scope of our work.


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